Our Services

Cable Harness

  • From military specification wiring for aerospace, to wire and cable harnesses fitted for commercial use, Wireco offers a solution for any manufacturer that produces goods requiring an electronic system. Wireco has an experienced team of operatives with the ability to manufacture and build even the most complex cable harness.
  • Cable Harness

Wiring Harness / Loom

  • Wiring Harness
  • Wireco design and manufacture a wide range of wiring harness products. These wiring harnesses or wiring looms can be bound together by straps, cable ties, cable lacing, sleeves, braid, conduit, a weave or extruded string, depending on your required combination.

Box / Panel Assembly

  • Box / Panel assembly is used in numerous market sectors. Our Box and Panel assemblies range from simple control boxes, fuse & distribution boxes to more complex systems. Full testing procedures are in put in place to ensure the control panel works first time.
  • box panel assembly (Small)

R&D / Prototypes

  • R&D Prototypes
  • Wireco’s flexibility sets us apart, especially for those organisations looking to produce R&D models (prototyping), and therefore need a supplier who can supply short runs quickly and efficiently whilst having the capability to go on and deliver the full project. Wireco have offered customers numerous solutions on varying different projects from changing the design of a small tail lift harness to allow it to work in harsher environments to a full design for a high security underwater project.


  • Due to the extreme environments and conditions where these harnesses can be used, designing and manufacturing a harness to withstand complete water ingress or maintain mechanical endurance although can prove difficult is the norm, hence Wireco can manufacture a fully sealed, potted and over-moulded wiring harnesses with ease.
  • Overmoulding

RF / Coax

  • RF Coax (Small)
  • RF coaxial connectors are the common choice for data communication, video or radio signals where the frequency is usually high and the interference is minimal. Typical connector types include BNC, TNC, F-Type, N-Type, SMA (to name a few) and these come either crimped or soldered depending upon the customer requirements.